Olsson Haircare | For sensitive skin and allergy sufferers

Olsson Haircare: Boosting sales with Moltin

Their challenge

Olsson’s main challenge was to maximize direct sales by providing consumers with a new engaging commerce experience through their own brand. They wanted to be able to give consumers a platform directly from their website rather than have to redirect them to a third party. In-the-moment commerce, where consumers can purchase then and there, is important for the brand to capture sales.

Market: UK and Europe
Industry: Health and Beauty

Olsson Haircare is a Scandinavian brand specializing in hair products for sensitive skin. After previously having a content-based website and only selling via other major online retailers, their goal was to maximize sales by selling directly through their own site, something they’d never done before.

They knew that in order to change consumer behavior they needed to produce a well-designed, engaging site with an enjoyable commerce experience. Having a new, engaging consumer experience would help to encourage their customers to buy directly from them rather than opting to purchase through the other third-party retailers.

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“Moltin have introduced a glaringly obvious solution to a glaringly obvious problem.”

Shervin Williams, Managing Director at ITpod

What Moltin did

Olsson used ITpod to head up the development of their new website. Shervin Williams, Managing Director at ITpod said that when he started the project he knew he wanted to look for an eCommerce API, because eCommerce, as he knew it, had more restrictions than content-based websites where you could “create what you want, produce stunning results and leave clients gobsmacked”. He didn’t think commerce was capable of the same positives, not without reaching high costs and long learning curves. That was until he found Moltin via a Google search.

Shervin said, “These guys [Moltin] have identified a few long-standing and largely ignored problems with the routes a developer can take to produce a quality eCommerce store”.

He knew that if he was to use an off the shelf platform, he would have to invest limitless resource to understand the system and ultimately lock himself into the platform or risk sinking costs. He was also conscious that building a custom eCommerce site would mean architecting, testing, maintaining and supporting the system would be his responsibility. Something he didn’t have to worry about with Moltin.   He went on to say “Moltin are providing eCommerce developers with the freedom to develop with whichever tools they choose, and are removing the current necessity within the market to lock themselves into, not only a pre-imposed language and framework but more dangerously, a single predefined, likely bloated and sub-performant architecture. With Moltin’s API, choice of tools for the build is entirely unrestricted, and this is something of priceless value, it allows for clean builds to be created rapidly, using existing knowledge.”


The site itself took just 2-3 weeks to complete, and they used the following tools to build the new and improved online store:

  • ASP.NET MVC on the server, primarily to handle routing, but also a future blogging extension.
  • KnockoutJS with the mapping library to provide the client side data binding context.
  • Moltin’s JS SDK.
  • Moltin’s C# SDK which they decided upon to allow them to send metadata from the server.

It’s too early to comment on site metrics and sales figures, but Shervin stated that the website seems to be getting a good level of traffic so far in the first week of being live. We can’t wait to see how it grows going forward.

We’re also pleased to announce that following their experience with Olsson, ITpod has confirmed they’ll be now joining Moltin on our future journey, using us for future commerce projects.

We’d also like to personally thank Shervin for writing about his experience with Moltin. Read his full post .