Content everywhere

Distribute content to all of your customers, anywhere, and display it however you like.


APIs that can deliver content to anything connected to the internet, now or in the future.

Built for developers

Infrastructure and maintenance is covered, so you’re free to focus on the rest of the project.


Extend the platform to meet data structure requirements for any use case.

Customize or extend data schemas

Create new, or extend existing custom data models and content storage that can be organized and structured to meet your exact requirements. Create your own schema using Flows as your backend data store to power your entire application.

Structured data

Multiple field types with automated validation enable you to quickly extend Moltin to meet the needs of your project.

String data type


Titles, names, descriptions

Date data type


Times, opening hours, dates

Integer data type


ID, counts, quantities

Relationship data type


1-to-1 link between resources

Float data type


Rating, distance, percentages

File data type


Images, videos, PDFs etc.

Boolean data type


True or false, yes or no, 1 or 0

Multiple data type


Link 1-to-many resources

The complexity of existing platforms


Build brand new schemas for your store from one backend. Choose from the range of field types and structure them in a way that suits you. For example, create a blog, add a reviews page or include a company information section. Flows gives you the flexibility to create anything you need.

The simplicity of Moltin


Improve and customize existing products by extending the information available to customers. Add in specifications, size charts, details, downloadable pdfs, age ranges and more. You can even create relationships with other products within your store.

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