Getting Started

  • What does Moltin do?

  • Moltin is designed to deliver the building blocks needed to create the next generation of ecommerce. We solve the headaches of development by taking the entire process into the cloud, providing a powerful API that allows developers to create customised solutions for websites, mobile and desktop applications, as well as powering physical retail stores through point-of-sale and stock management systems.

    You can use Moltin anywhere to do any kind of commerce you or your client wants in any programming language. We’re totally cloud-based so you can be hands off once you’re done with the developing and we take care of the updates whenever a bug is found or a gateway makes a change.
    We also offer a dashboard (we call it the "Forge") to manage your store which is powered by the same API all our users have access to and this makes it really simple to get started quickly. You can register and set up an eCommerce backend system in minutes.
  • Is Moltin Multilingual?

  • You can use any language for your front end as we leave that entirely up to you. Our Forge administration dashboard is currently available in English.
  • How do I install Moltin?

  • Moltin is a cloud based ecommerce platform. We take care of the backend for you entirely, including upgrades. You just need to sign up, set up your store through our dashboard and integrate your front end with our API. We have a number of plugins and libraries available and in development to make this process smoother and easier for you.
  • Where is my store front?

  • Moltin provides the backend ecommerce platform, allowing you to choose the right technology for you and your store front. We leave it entirely up to you whether it's an integration into your favourite content management system, a mobile app or even a static page.
  • Your monthly pricing plans don't meet my requirements, help?!

  • We can create a bespoke monthly package based on your requirements, just get in touch.
  • Will store visitors be aware of the Moltin platform?

  • No, we believe that Moltin should empower & support your business whilst remaining completely invisible to your customers. We leave it up to you to decide whether or not to inform your customers that the store is powered by Moltin.


  • How do I reset my password?

  • You can reset your password here. If you continue to experience problems logging into your account please contact us and one of our administrators will reset your password for you.
  • Can I pay using my countries currency?

  • We take payments in GBP(£) only but we will let you know roughly how much this is in a number of other currencies based on current exchange rates.
  • Can I access and download all of my data?

  • We currently do not have an export script but you are able to pull all of your data out via the API at any time.


  • Are there any plugins or libraries?

  • We currently have PHP and JS SDKs with further development kits in production including C#, Python, Java and Ruby. We also have a WordPress plugin in development which should be released in the near future. Get in touch if you have any requests or you have built your own plugin or integration that you would like to share with us.
  • How many API requests are required per page load?

  • This totally depends on what your requirements are and if you implement best practises such as caching and utilising webhooks. A typical website store page would take 3 API requests, one to get the customers cart, one to get the stores category structure and finally one to get the category or product listing data itself. Actions such as adding an item to a cart or retrieving a customers order is also one request.
  • Will my checkout pages be hosted on a subdomain?

  • We understand that your site users might be confused or offput by being redirected to checkout on a different domain name. For this reason we have decided not to host checkout or payment gateway pages on a subdomain for the time being. We leave you to build and/or integrate the checkout pages any way you desire, depending on your chosen payment gateways. This ensures that Moltin empowers your store whilst remaining invisible to your customers. We may implement this feature in the future as an option for you to enable though!

Using the API

  • Where are my API keys?

  • You will find your API keys in the account section once you have registered for an account with us and logged in.
  • How do I make a call to the API

  • For all API usage instructions please refer to our documentation, for quickstart guides for specific languages you can head over to our getting started section.
  • How many API requests can Moltin handle?

  • Our platform scales with your business and demand automatically. However if you anticipate usage of over a million requests per month, please contact us so we can provide you with dedicated hardware and support.
  • What is the response time of the API?

  • We strive to be below 100ms at all times and below 50ms where possible.
  • What if I go over my monthly API call limit?

  • Don't worry, we won't turn off your store if you go slightly over your API call limit (10% of your chosen package). We'll let you know if it looks like you're about to go over or if/when you do. If you continually go over your API limit each month we'll let you know that it's time to upgrade.


  • What payment gateways are supported?

  • We support over 40 of the largest payment gateways, including:

    Alipay Bank
    AliPay Dual Func
    Alipay Express
    Alipay Mobile Express
    Alipay Secured
    Alipay Wap Express
    Authorize.Net AIM
    Authorize.Net SIM
    eWAY Rapid 3.0
    First Data Connect
    MIGS 2-Party
    MIGS 3-Party
    PaymentExpress PxPay
    PaymentExpress PxPost
    PayPal Express
    PayPal Pro
    Sage Pay Direct
    Sage Pay Server
    SecPay (
    SecurePay Direct Post
    TargetPay Directebanking
    TargetPay iDEAL
    TargetPay MrCash

  • Can I accept payments manually?

  • Yes, we have a manual payment gateway that you can use for a variety of purposes. We also have a dummy gateway for you to use whilst testing your checkout and order process.


  • What is the Forge?

  • The Forge is the dashboard to manage your store, it is built using the same API that we provide to our users. Forge functionality includes inventory management (products & categories), orders, customers, addresses, tax bands, currencies, shipping methods, payment gateways and more.
  • What is a slug?

  • A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a page using human-readable keywords. It is usually the end part of the URL, which can be interpreted as the name of the resource, similar to the basename in a filename or the title of a page. A slug is very search engine friendly and is unique for the specific resource e.g. products or categories. This means a product can not have the same slug as another product.
  • Does Moltin offer any SEO features?

  • Yes and No, we do provide uri friendly "slugs" out of the box and with Flows you can add metadata fields to your products and categories. Other SEO functionality is left up to you on the front end.
  • Can I create my own dashboard?

  • Ofcourse, our Forge dashboard is built using our API too.
  • Will I be charged for API requests made from the Forge?

  • Whilst the dashboard does use our API, we do not charge for any requests made through it.