Our Developer Success Engineer, Jamie Barton, will be speaking at FrontendNE to discuss the state of GraphQL in 2018 on May 3.

Want to find out why developers are talking about GraphQL?

Jamie will be introducing GraphQL and a few core pieces around the typical GraphQL stack, exploring common use cases and why developers are all talking about it right now.

The second part of his talk will be an introduction in to how you can begin using GraphQL today - including exploration of tooling, boilerplates, support communities, as well as showcaseing shining examples of GraphQL repos and those contributors driving the specification forward.

And what’s more come along and you’ll get free 🍺 and 🍕 too!

Frontend NE will be happening on Thursday, May 3 from 6pm at the Mining Institute in Newcastle City Centre, UK.

Jamie Barton

Written by Jamie Barton

Developer Success @ Moltin