Moltin’s mobile self-checkout: Digitizing the in-store experience

Tackling the common problems faced by numerous retailers with long and complicated checkout processes, Moltin’s mobile self-checkout stands for consumer independence. With full control over the entire process of purchasing goods, customers can finally focus on their main goal, shopping! 


Simple and intuitive

No app required

Cut barriers to customers and forget smartphone storage worries with our browser-based, progressive web application.

Fast, easy, checkout

Your customers just have to hit a URL, scan a barcode, and checkout using Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card.

Get more product information

Learn more about a product by exploring other images and descriptions all via the same progressive web app.

The Moltin self-checkout experience means…

Happier customers

No queues and kiosks means your customers spend less time waiting and more time shopping. 

Productive employees

Shorter queues let your employees interact with customers and educate them on your products. 

Extend commerce to new channels

Less queuing means less ‘walkouts’, higher numbers of sales and increased customer loyalty.

Reduced costs

Save money by operating fewer kiosks and claim back shop floor space for selling. 

On top of that…

It’s easy to implement

Go from idea to deployment in just a matter of weeks and just a few lines of code.

Integrate your way

Use existing inventory systems, payment gateways or internal systems and just layer Moltin on top.

It’s for any device

The progressive web application is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Stance were sick of waiting in lines so they put the solution into action.

Paul Zaengle Executive Vice President of Direct to Consumer at Stance

“We are really excited to be at the forefront of the retail experience by offering a truly hassle-free self-checkout experience in our stores.

People don’t want to wait in line, and they don’t want to download an app to avoid a line either. This solution combines the richness of a physical retail store visit with the convenience of ecommerce to give our guests the best experience possible.

It essentially means never wait in a line again in a Stance store.”

Let's build something amazing with Moltin