Connected commerce

Awesome brands deliver personalized connected commerce experiences no matter what unique journey customers decide to take. Whether your customer is in-store, on your website, reading a blog, watching a video or browsing their social channels, give them a seamless, connected path to purchase.

Wherever, whenever

Let customers decide where they want to browse and buy your products from.

Cross-platform carts

Customers can access and purchase their basket from any channel or device.

Online meets offline

Introduce digital shopping experiences in-store and convert more customers.

Built with the future in mind

Moltin is the headless commerce solution built for the future of retail. With an API-first approach, you get ultimate flexibility, design freedom and scalability so you can simply embed commerce functionality into any device or channel.


From fully-functioning web stores to progressive web apps or micro-sites for flash sales and one off promotions, you can create a beautiful, custom website experience for your customers in a matter of minutes.


With full support and reference applications for native mobile apps, give your customers the flexibility to shop where they are, at a convenient time for them. Extend your reach, respond to individual needs and ultimately drive more sales.

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Content commerce

Don’t just talk about products, sell them. Easily embed Moltin’s commerce widget into your blogs, existing content sites or even videos to let consumers transact at the moment of interaction with your product.


No need to just rely on the checkout kiosks to make sales. Sell directly from the fitting room with our magic mirror functionality or let customer’s skip the queues and check-out on their smartphones with our mobile self-checkout application.


Let your customers buy directly through their Apple TV with our tvOS support.


Add commerce to any wearable device and always remain connected to customers.


Immerse yourself in whole new virtual shopping experiences and enhance your in-store activity.


Seamlessly connect your customers both online and offline through one unified system.


Connect a world of physical devices and enhance the customer experience in ways never before imagined.


Allow multiple sellers to come together in one place and market their goods or services.

Let's build something amazing with Moltin