In this role, at Moltin you will strive to empower every Moltin user by making it easy to get started with our APIs no matter the level of experience a developer has. This is achieved by creating robust documentation, helpful examples, technical articles and by ensuring our suite of open source SDKs deliver on the promise that Moltin is the service that teams can rely on to build seamless commerce experiences at any scale.


  • Take responsibility for all aspects of onboarding, including developer centric tooling, evaluation and post go live for customers.
  • Be a customer evangelist inside and outside the organization. Share feedback with internal teams and be a voice and champion for the customer.
  • Help guide users of Moltin to the optimal usage of the APIs, products and services on an individual basis and efficiently at scale.
  • Continually create valuable assets, tutorials, tools, education and materials for customers to be successful at scale.
  • Produce accurate, concise and well-written supporting content in various formats for a global audience.
  • Collaborate with the product and marketing teams to deliver a content strategy for specific campaigns to help promote Moltin products, usage and benefits.
  • Speak at selected events.

Desirable traits

  • Empathetic and patient — The ability to put yourself in the developer’s or customer’s shoes and deeply understand the problems they face.
  • Technically credible — Developers want to talk to other developers. There’s no replacement for strong programming fundamentals.
  • Creative problem solver — Ability to execute and find answers to a wide range and type of customer problems.
  • Inquisitive — Willingness to always be learning, acquiring new skills and technology stacks.


  • Proven experience with technical writing.
  • Great communicator, both written and verbal.
  • Have a clear understanding of APIs and micro-services.
  • Have experience of working with APIs and API documentation.
  • Experience of producing engaging tutorials and guides, blog posts and white papers aimed at a developer audience.
  • Understand a variety of programming languages, including Swift, Objective-C & JavaScript to tailor content for specific requirements and audiences.
  • A passion for writing, helping others learn and a keen eye for detail.
  • Obsession with helping customers to succeed.
  • Analytical and data-driven approach. Numbers can tell you a lot, but can you read between the lines and understand the humans behind them?
  • Have experience of presenting content at various developer-focused talks and meetups.

Nice to haves

  • Technical degree or computer science background.
  • Experience of video tutorial series production.
  • Multi-lingual skills.
  • Experience with a range of JavaScript frameworks.
  • Experience with mobile development (iOS/Android).
  • Well connected in other developer communities.
  • Strong online presence (e.g active Twitter user, blog posts).
  • Comfortable speaking in front of large audiences.

Benefits of working at Moltin

  • Be part of a fast-growing, venture-backed startup.
  • Working as part of an international team.
  • Work in an open environment, with full transparency in all aspects.
  • Ability to contribute to and create open source projects.
  • Hardware.
  • Office snacks and refreshments.
  • Moltin SWAG.

How to apply

If you think you’ve got what it takes to do this role, please send the following to

  • Résumé
  • Cover letter
  • Tutorial on how to set up your Moltin store

Can't find the perfect role?

Think you would add value to Moltin, but don't see a position we're actively recruiting for above? We're always looking for talented individuals to join the team. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch and let us know why you would be a great fit. Please email your résumé and cover letter to