Extend Moltin with serverless eCommerce integrations

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Last updated: 02 Jul 2018
With the growing popularity around serverless and the JAMstack, you’re probably wondering where Moltin fits when it comes to serverless. The serverless architecture allows you to create additional functionality around your Moltin project to provide your customers with the ultimate commerce experience.

One of the benefits of headless commerce is the lack of required server management experience. We can take this same approach with extending Moltin and integrate serverless functions to deliver order confirmation emails, SMS receipts, Slack messages and more.

This type of extra functionality usually comes at a cost but with a serverless approach, you only pay for the time your code executes. There’s no monthly fees or servers to maintain, go serverless!

Serverless is an architecture, often referred to as functions as a service (FaaS) and backend as a service (BaaS). One thing to note is that serverless code actually runs on a server! 😱

The architecture enables developers to write small pieces of functional code that can talk to each other inside containers and with other APIs. This is perfect if you are looking to extend the functionality of API services, in this case, Moltin.

Open source projects Apex and Serverless Framework make it super easy to write and deploy functions for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and others. These frameworks remove all the heavy lifting when it comes to configuring a gateway, CORS and function deployment.

Get started with Moltin and serverless

To make use of serverless functions in your applications, we have various observable events that you can attach webhooks. We also have a growing number of open source repositories on GitHub that demonstrate how to make use of the moltin integrations API and Zeit Now.

Send shipping notifications with Postmark

Subscribe to order.paid and order.fulfilled events to automatically send shipping and order notifications with Postmark.

Add shipping charges to your Moltin cart with Shippo

With Shippo, you can very quickly add the ability to get and add shipping rates to your Moltin cart with this one click deploy JavaScript function.

Update Moltin orders with Shippo delivery updates

Easily update your customers when a delivery status changes with this JavaScript function built using the Micro framework.

Notify customers by email when their order ships

Easily observe fulfilled order events so you can notify your customer via custom Postmark email templates.

Notify customers by SMS when their order is refunded

With minimal configuration, you can deploy a function that is triggered when orders are refunded to notify customers via Twilio.

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