We’ve changed the way our technical support system works to give you better service.

We’ve decided to wind down support live chat in favor of a more formal, modular structure for all technical support queries. This will allow us to prioritize requests by severity and give you more accurate response times, as well as an easier way to track your issues.


Up until now, support has been purposely unstructured and conversational. It’s allowed 1-to-1 contact with you all regularly but has also meant that you’ve had no guaranteed response time or SLAs, as well as no way of easily tracking the status of your request.

To solve this, we will be rolling out multiple support tiers which include defined SLAs, among many other benefits - from 24/7 phone support and a named support engineer to quarterly status reviews.

We’re also introducing help articles from within the store management and accounts dashboards to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, and we will continue to maintain community support via the Slack Hub.

You can see the new support plans here.


As we move away from live chat for support, we’ve integrated a ticketing system where everyone, regardless of the support plan tier, can submit a request. The type of ticket you’re submitting and the plan you’re on will then determine its priority and procedure.

To submit a ticket to our support team, please visit our support center and complete the short form. Once you have submitted your ticket, you will be able to log into the support center, track the status of your issue and submit further information if necessary.

In-app help

Within our store management and accounts management dashboards you’ll see a new icon on the bottom right.

Clicking it will open up a sidebar with a list of useful articles, explaining different features within both dashboards. You can search for specific topics, or just browse, and maybe discover a feature you didn’t know about!

Talk to Sales

If you have a sales query, please send us a message through our contact us page where our product and sales team will be happy to help. Alternatively, we are still supporting live chat on moltin.com for this kind of query, so feel free to hop in and say hello!

Any technical queries that come through live chat will be redirected to the support center.

Leanne Clegg

Written by Leanne Clegg

Marketing @ moltin