It’s time to claim your $500 platform credit. Don’t miss out!

Our new pricing structure is live and as a thank you to all of our existing users, we’re giving you $500 in platform credit to ease the transition. There is a four week [grace period] (/blog/2016/03/pricing-grace-period/) to claim your credit starting today and running until Friday 29th April.

We have also just launched our new accounts management system. This unifies all of our user accounts into one place and will give you more customization of your stores and the users that can access them.

Within the new platform you’ll be given the option to add a new credit card to a store which will automatically give you $500 credit. This will contribute to your bills once the first cycle starts at the end of April. The credit can be redeemed on one store and will be spent instead of your card being charged until it has been used, at which point we’ll charge your credit card instead to ensure continued delivery of the service.

All existing users have been sent an email giving step by step instruction on how to claim the $500 credit.

To reiterate you now have four weeks until the first billing cycle and you can claim your credit at any point until the Friday 29th April. After that, the offer will expire.

For full terms and conditions on claiming the offer, please click here.

Adam Sturrock

Written by Adam Sturrock

VP Customer Success and Co-founder @ moltin