As a thank you to everyone that has used our platform over the last year, we’ll be offering $500 in platform credit to help existing users transition to our new pricing system.

We recently announced that we’ll be overhauling how we charge for moltin in a way that gives our users the most from the platform and means we can continue to build some really great things.

As users ourselves of many other platforms, we’ve seen how changes like these can be jarring to their communities. The positive response we’ve seen to our proposals has been fantastic but we wanted to ensure the transition period between the old and new was as smooth as possible.

Starting next week we’ll be contacting existing users with details on how to claim the $500 in platform credit to be used across all our services.

Offering credit means we can help everyone transition to our new pricing model seamlessly without impacting existing services. It also gives everyone the chance to try some of the more advanced features without breaking the bank.

Some examples of how you might use this credit:

  • On 200k API requests for $49/month, lasting just over ten months.
  • The adapt bundle could be used free for five months.
  • A combination of more API requests (200k/month) and both adapt and localize bundles for two months.

Credits won’t be launching until the new pricing system goes live later this month but we’ll be sharing more information on them and any other updates closer to their launch.

Adam Sturrock

Written by Adam Sturrock - VP Customer Success and Co-founder @ moltin