In this post, we’ll cover our new pricing structure, how it works, the reason behind the change and go over some frequently asked questions.

Over the past two years here at moltin, we’ve seen the way people use our service change dramatically. The transformation, from a handful of requests a month to serving millions per day, has been staggering - whilst raising many technical challenges along the way.

As a lot of our long-term users know, we’ve been flexible with overages and didn’t cut anyone off, regardless of the plan they were on. While this has resulted in great feedback from the community, this practice is clearly not viable long-term.

We’ve spent a lot of time searching for a fair way to charge for the platform, one that balances usage and what costs us the most to deliver. A traditional SaaS model didn’t work for the community, as people were unfairly punished to get access to one feature or a larger request volume.

What we (with a great deal of help from our much-loved community) settled on was this…

Pricing illustraion

As we’ve shown this to the community to get their thoughts, we’ve received a lot of queries and many of you reading this will probably have similar ones. Below you’ll find a brief Q&A to address the most commonly asked questions:

So what exactly is changing?

As it stands we only charge for scale with all features being free. The scale side of things will remain but we’re splitting certain features (primarily those costing extra to run) into paid bundles.

Free forever?

There is still a free tier that comes with the same 30k/month API requests that we’ve always had. From there it can scale up to 2 million requests per month, with custom plans available for those users with higher usage.

What features will still be free? Most, but not all, of the features you’re used to will be staying free and are included with all request volumes. This covers products, categories, collections, brands, carts, checkout, payments, customers, orders, groups, addresses, and transactions. Which is more than enough to build a complete, transacting store.

What are bundles?

Rather than picking a feature at a time, we decided to bundle them up into themed packages, which allow you to take a small number of features at a time and are paid for independently of each other. We’re launching with two key bundles which are:

  • Localize at $49/month which includes multi-currency, multilingual and live exchange rates.
  • Adapt at $99/month which includes Flows and webhooks.


Not really, no. Flows will be moving to a paid tier along with webhooks. It’s a very powerful feature that most of the community use, but it’s also one that costs us a lot of time and effort to manage, as well as the increased storage, processing and scaling costs.

What about future features, is everything new going to be paid?

Over time we’ll be announcing new paid bundles where it makes sense, but we’ll also be adding additional features to existing bundles at no extra cost to ensure they represent value going forward. The core will still be expanded on and therefore not every feature will be put into paid bundles.

What about user account and storage restrictions?

Two things that will disappear from our current pricing are user accounts and storage. The removal of the user account restrictions will end the need for shared login credentials. You will be able to manage, invite and limit access to team members, directly from the dashboard.

Image and file storage will be covered by a fair usage policy that scales with your usage volume, which we’ll discuss more nearer the launch.

Why are you changing pricing?

We’ve seen how platform use has changed over time and the current pricing was largely confusing, with no real tangible benefit being shown to new users. Our goal has always been to create the best commerce tool for developers, and to continue delivering that we need to start charging for some things.

Isn’t this going to be more expensive?

For most people, no. If you’ve been on the free tier and need access to a specific feature you will have to pay for it soon, but the amount will be a minimal flat amount per month.

Those of you who are already paying, the pricing works out almost the same. Due to the price of requests being lower than they are now, this will offset some of the cost of adding the feature bundles.

When is this happening?

These pricing changes will be going live in the middle of March which is roughly four weeks from the date of this post.

What about those of us that already have stores relying on ?

We’ll be putting together a package for our existing users that are currently using the features that will be charged for to ensure a smooth transition period.

What happens if I go above my monthly usage?

We’ll be keeping you informed of your usage on an ongoing basis, with alerts being sent out when you’re nearing the limits of your plan.

If you’re on a paid tier we will alert you when you’re near your limits and automatically push you to the next usage tier to ensure the continued delivery of your service.

If you have any further questions please let us know and we’ll happily answer them for you. Common questions will also be added to this post to help others.

Jamie Holdroyd

Written by Jamie Holdroyd

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder @ moltin